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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The new nook

Over the weekend, inspired Noel's cleaning and organizing binge while I was out of town, I decided to finally put my knit nook together. There's a little corner by our garage that I used to use as my home office when we first moved in, with a desk, chair, and bookcases. But the addition of home WiFi to our life, plus my general disorganization and packrattery, meant that the desk corner quickly became a dumping ground for all kinds of papers and files and computer equipment and camcorder tapes.

Several months ago, when Archer started bringing homework home from school, I decided he needed to have the desk in his room. So I bought some wireframe storage cubes to make the soon-to-be-vacant nook into my knitting storage corner.

It took a long time to get around to it -- and some of the crap on the desk has just been moved to a temporary staging area in the guest room -- but I now have a home for all the yarn that was previously stuffed on my side of the bed, and all the needles that were previously stuffed in pockets in my knitting bag, and all the notions that were scattered in various project bags all over the house. Behold -- the knitting nook!

My sock yarn stash:

And a few special single skeins for display:

How do you store your yarn and tools?