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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Endless Stream of Projects

It's Christmas knitting time! I've learned that it's never to early to begin on Christmas gifts...

Here's a hat for Lance's mom made with some beautiful Crystal Palaces Tao, using this pattern (with modifications).

...and also a scarf. I started working on it, and decided that she would love it. The Lace Ribbon Scarf pattern is easy and delightful!

I also knit up a pair of baby bootees and a hat for a friend--they loved them.

I finally updated all of my project pictures on Ravelry, so I wanted to share a few projects that I've completed--and others that I've been working on. I better keep knitting or I might not get everything done in time for Christmas!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Get Your Knit On

Last night, I hosted knitting group once again. It was fabulous: we had homemade crackers, cider that I made myself (well, spiced up apple juice), wine, and loads of chatting and knitting. It was great fun, and I hope to continue it through the winter.

Today, on my internet browsing, I stumbled upon this: Popknits! The are like a vintage Knitty, and they have free patterns. Sorry fellas...not much for you. But maybe in the future! Check it out. I'm thinking about making the cowl, personally.

I'm also thinking about making a quick 'n' easy sweater. This one looks (Ravelry link) looks pretty nice--here is Amanda's lovely rendition. It looks so good! I think it would be a lovely sweater project.

The other one promises to be just as fun, knit on big needles with chunky yarn, the Chic Cowl Neck. It sounds fast and looks really cute. I'm a fan of the short sleeved one, personally.

But first, I must knit for Christmas. I feel a little sad because I would like to knit a sweater, but I think all I can do is plan to knit them and wait until I get my Christmas crafting done.

Are you all planning any Christmas knitting yet?