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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

An Endless Stream of Projects

It's Christmas knitting time! I've learned that it's never to early to begin on Christmas gifts...

Here's a hat for Lance's mom made with some beautiful Crystal Palaces Tao, using this pattern (with modifications).

...and also a scarf. I started working on it, and decided that she would love it. The Lace Ribbon Scarf pattern is easy and delightful!

I also knit up a pair of baby bootees and a hat for a friend--they loved them.

I finally updated all of my project pictures on Ravelry, so I wanted to share a few projects that I've completed--and others that I've been working on. I better keep knitting or I might not get everything done in time for Christmas!

1 comment:

RiaRe said...

I am a sucker for baby booties. Love them, love them. i
made a pair of mary jane booties in the summer. Check out my blog and look at my older posts and you will find them posted. YOUR botties are much cutier than mine.

Really nice blog...love all the pics.