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Monday, April 23, 2007

Knitterly Update

I joined a new swap, barely squeaking in before the door slammed shut (whew!). It looks to be a fun swap--The Knitter's Coffee Swap, which combines two of my favorite things. If you're interested in finding swaps, check out the 2007 KALs link in the sidebar--that's how I found this one, which I'm really excited about.

After getting frustrated with my ISE scarf (I know I need to post a picture), I picked it back up again last night and had some more success (I still had to frog two rows, though). I'll probably be working on it tonight.

Oh, and I also started a sock. Donna made me jealous with her sock knitting (and I'm a much older knitter!), so it spurred me into starting. I have a feeling that I'm going to be addicted, and lots of people will be getting hand-knit socks for Christmas...

Anyway, we cancelled Kniterati last week, but this week we're back full force. I'll post about the meeting tomorrow!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kathryn's Project - Handbag

I started my new project last week!!! It's a handbag made from 100% recycled silk yarn. I ordered the yarn and the pattern from the Woolpeddler website. I believe Jenn has a link to the site in the links section of the blog. So...apparently I have to make four identical panels for the bag. And, um, I'm still on the first panel. But I think I'm more than halfway done with it. Jenn would be so proud of me. After increasing stitches I figured out what "K2tog" means (knit two together) and I figured out how to do the stitch all by myself. I think I have to repeat the K2tog sequence for about 5 more inches and then I'll be done with the panel. I'm a little unsure about something though. At the end of the pattern it says "BO all but last 5 sts. Transfer these sts to a stitch holder." I'm guessing this has something to do with attaching the bag to the strap...yeah, I'm sure it does. But....what's a "stitch holder"?? I guess I'm going to have to go buy one.

Oh...there was a 20% off sale on knitting stuff at Hancock Fabrics this weekend. David had to go buy some felt to put on a poker table he's milling on the CNC machine. So I went and bought some size 8 bamboo needles. I've been too lazy to transfer my work from the metal needles to the bamboo ones. Anyway, that's my progress this week. I think my project is coming along pretty well.

And I've even included a picture so everyone can see my progress.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kniterati Meeting: April 9th

Knitting group is always so much fun. Everyone trails in, we eat some dinner, and we all sit and knit. Lance made us curry last night, which was delicious. Janie brought some salad, and Kathy made a yummy fruit, whipped cream, and granola dessert.

I'll have to let everyone post about their own projects (if I can pester them into it), but I'll give a brief overview: Janie is making good progress on her scarf--she'll probably have it done very soon. Sarah got the hang of the knitting thing and knitted several lovely rows--really, they looked beautiful and her tension was even. I was proud. Lance is debating on frogging his scarf to make something else (he doesn't want to buy more yarn). Kathy started her really awesome bag using recycled silk from The Wool Peddler (it's nifty!).

And me? I tried working on my scarf for the ISE and got through one pattern repeat. Starting on the next, I messed it up (somehow) and had to frog it back almost to the beginning of the repeat. I hate that, and I hate having to frog. And on this scarf, I've been doing a lot of it (at least one frogging per repeat). It's frustrating because I usually don't have a problem following a pattern and not messing up, but this lace pattern combined with the silk/mohair blend that I'm using is apparently a tricky combination. I'll keep working, though, because the parts I have done look beautiful.

So that was our meeting for this week. Stay tuned for more delights to come!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Road Tripping and Knitting

I'll be headed out of town this weekend for the Easter Holiday, so I'll be on the road a total of about 6 hours. Which means--unless I try to read homework--I'll have 6 hours to knit! Maybe I'll get the back of that shirt done and cast on for the front. I really want to get it done soon! Maybe it'll mean that I'll finish a scarf for a friend.

Why am I looking forward to a trip where I can knit a lot? Because I have the following projects on my needles:
  • a scarf for a friend to give as a gift
  • my scarf for the International Scarf Exchange
  • my knit tank-top
  • knitting needle holder (that may stay a UFO until the end of time)
Then I have several projects lined up that I want to do (in no particular order):
  • Socks--my very first pair!
  • something cool with some linen yarn I bought
  • a hat out of my malabrigo merino wool
  • an iPod cozy for Secret Knitter
  • Socks for Lance (maybe)
  • a felted bag (because I haven't felted anything yet)
Busy times in the knitting world--and if I'm knitting Christmas gifts, I need to start planning them out (it's early...but it takes a while to knit sometimes. Better early than never).

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Kathy's First Project -- Legwarmers

Jenn has been pestering me to post about my legwarmer project. So here goes...

I finished my first project (legwarmers) yesterday. I'm supposed to post a picture as well but I'm too lazy. Maybe I'll edit the post later once I get my camera out. Technically, the legwarmer project is finished. Technically they're um, wearable. But I don't know how pretty they look. You can definitely tell which was the first one (i.e. the one that looks all ratty and full of holes). And I'm not too sure if I like the design of them. They're tight on top (which is okay) but then they flare out a lot at the bottom. They look a little dorky....like bell bottoms. I thought they looked cute in the picture....but I'm not so sure I like them much in person. I think I might wear them around the house a bit. If I don't start to like them then I'll just hand them over to my two kitties. I'm sure they'll have a blast rolling around on them and chewing up the yarn. Kitties are so easily entertained.

I'm glad I picked the legwarmers as my first project. I actually made something and learned a little bit about knitting as well. I learned how knit, purl, the difference between wrong/right sides, the importance of counting stitches and rows, how to increase stitches, and how to make an i-cord. I also learned that I really like using the bamboo needles. They're much lighter than the metal ones.

So....project #2? I'm making a handbag from a pattern that Jenn and I saw online (it's the "unbiased" pattern from the link). I ordered some of the recycled silk yarn recommended by the pattern. It came in the mail the other day and I'm looking forward to using it. The picture on the website shows a pinkish yarn with lots of other colors mixed in. The yarn that came in the mail is more maroon with other colors. I actually like the darker color better.

I can't believe I'm actually writing a whole post about knitting. Now I feel like a knitting nerd.

Pictures of the legwarmers will be posted soon....

Kniterati Meeting: April 2nd

Our ranks swelled by two knitters: we welcomed Janie and Angie to our midst. After enjoying some deliciously spicy stir-fry (thanks, Lance), we sat down to knit. I worked on my tank-top and my scarf for the International Scarf Exchange--I'm knitting a lace scarf in red mohair/silk blend. It's turning out lovely, but it's been a pain to manage the yarn and all of the complicated lace knitting techniques. I'll post a pic when it gets more along. I think my pal will like it!

Kathy learned how to make an I-cord (which is so incredibly easy and awesome), and is assembling her leg warmers. She'll have to post some pictures soon and tell us about them--but they are looking fantastic!

Janie has a knitting mom. She knew the basics, so all I had to do was teach her how to cast on and remind her how to do the knit stitch, and she was off making a wonderful fuzzy black scarf. She too will have to share about her progress.

Angie is a brand new knitter. I had Lance teach her some of the basics, then I had to intervene--but she's quickly picking up the skills. She will be working on her practice piece, and then starting a scarf in a wonderful mocha chenille.

And Lance started his scarf that he plans to felt. He was prevented from knitting very much from a hammer injury to his left hand, but his project is coming along wonderfully--he's a consistent knitter so his stitches are even and great.

I think next week we may pick up another knitter--I certainly hope so. It's been a lot of fun so far, and everyone seems to enjoy having a place to knit and chat and eat good food.