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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cable Issues?

For those of you who have ventured into Cable Land (which is super fun, if you haven't), you'll quickly discover the problem of what to do with that dratted cable needle when you're not using it. Behold, a solution.

Pretty cute, right? And so useful. I sometimes just stick the needle into my project, but sometimes that backfires. And a lot of times, I'm wandering around wondering where my cable needle went.

This is of course if you haven't mastered the trick of knitting cables without a needle. Some of us (including the creator of this handy holder) are a bit scared to just leave those stitches floating out there without something to keep them from falling out, okay?

(Being sick has thrown off my sleep schedule a bit. I'm starting to feel better, but now I'm awake and restless since I've been trapped in my house since the flu-bug thing attacked me Wednesday evening. Incidentally, I used that energy to finish the baby bootees you saw earlier, and a baby hat that you'll see once I take some pictures. Thank goodness I think I'm well enough to escape for a short time tomorrow... But damn I've finished up some knitting--perhaps I'll finally finish Isabella this weekend.)

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