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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Promised Baby Hat

(Warning--several Ravelry links follow). Using a pattern that I know Secret Knitter is fond of, I knit a little baby hat for my friend (the same one the bootees are for). It's soft and warm, and hopefully will fit the little guy's head.

I knit this up in one day (wow!) as I was recovering from the swift-but-vicious bug that I caught last week. The color choice is a little odd, but I was also using up leftover bits of yarn, something that baby projects are perfect for, I've discovered. And baby projects are perfect for almost-instant gratification--start it today, finish it tonight!

I altered the pattern a teensy bit, removing the garter stitch ridges on the main hat body, and adding more decreases before binding off. I also (like Secret Knitter) used the magic loop method and knit it on the round instead of flat (I hate seams anyway, and it looks nicer without them). I'm pretty happy with it, so hopefully the new mom and baby will be too!

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the secret knitter said...

It looks nice without the ridges too. Nice color combo.